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How to Choose a Guitar for Your Kids

Picking a starter guitar for your child is very important. However, it involves juggling your budget with your kid’s expectations. It is important to play the guitar for the first few months. Studies have shown that if a child makes it through the first 3 months, they can be able to become a life-long player. Read this article to get more information about choosing a right guitar for your child, and you can make guitar shopping easier.

Choose a type

The guitar comes with three most basic types: classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Each type has its merits as a starter instrument. Therefore, choosing one is depends on a type you enjoy.

The classical guitar is the most popular guitar on the market today. There are many reasons why a child should start with this guitar. In fact, its strings are made of nylon that is gentle on the fingers.

The Acoustic guitar is similar to a classical guitar, but it includes steel strings that help to make the sound louder and brighter. However, these steel strings are also the downside because they are quite sharp for your child’s fingers. Thus, you shouldn’t choose the Acoustic guitar for your child until her fingers tips have hardened a little.

The Electric guitar is much smaller than the Acoustic guitar. If your child owns an electric guitar, it will feel comfortable when playing. However, a disadvantage of this guitar is the weight. Some of them can weight 5-6 kilograms. Therefore, it’s hard for your child to handle.You can choose a TSH for your children if you still want to choose an electric guitar because it’s the lightest and easiest to play.

Pick a size

Picking a suitable size for your guitar is very important. It can help your child feel more comfortable when she play, especially her fingers won’t get any pain. You should a too big or too small guitar. Your child will take a lot of time and doesn’t know how to handle.

Electric guitar for kids

Electric guitars are more suitable for kids than Acoustic guitars. Its height is also lower than Acoustic guitars. So, your child can play without strain. The electric guitar produces the bright tone and stays in tune.

An electric guitar may be more expensive than an acoustic guitar because of many extras as a guitar amplifier, headphones, or the amp.




Acoustic guitars for kids

This guitar has an affordable price, so it’s considered as a good option for kids just testing. If you are wondering whether your kid will continue to play or not, you will start with an acoustic guitar. However, its strings are harder to press than electric guitars, and there will result in hand cramping.

A nylon-string folk guitar is an ideal choice for an easier introduction to playing an acoustic. Electric guitars suit for kids because of many practical reasons.


In this article, we give you some useful information to help you have a right model for your child. Buy your child a suitable guitar depending on your child’s size, and her favor.

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